Sunday, 15 May 2011

Group Evaluation

This is the analysis of our promotional package.
Which was done by Joshua Featherstone.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Individual Evaluation

In what ways does you media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

After having done research to find good music videos that are out there looked at a number of them including Fell In Love With Girl- White Stripes. We then learnt they codes and conventions of got the band who we were working with we had to look at how they wanted to be represented in the music video and make sure it fit the genre of music it was.
We wanted to make all of our music video in split screen and have lots of different angles from the same image by using more that one camera. but we were unable to due to lack of resources, we had to scratch that idea and make our music video without it.. Meese- Next in Line

For the music video we wanted to make something that fit the genre, so we looked at the song we had and decided to come up with something up lifting, and we looked at similar bands like Alien Ant Farm, and we also looked at the original New Found Glory music video.

How Effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

During our research and planning stage we look at different promotional packages, like for example, Mika’s album The Boy Who Knew Too Much >, they all shared a theme and had the same colour patterns and are related to each other.
What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

We got quite positive feedback from our audience, we were told that the music video fit the song and the genre well, and that we managed to capture the band’s energy well with a good variety of shots , and that the had made good creative choices and they also like our shots of people kissing and hugging, they especially like our shot in Caffe Nero in town. The band also was glad and like the way in which they were represented in the music video.
We made an audience profile with two characters Sarah and Ollie and we kept them in mind as we produced to promotional package.
We quite liked the font and color as well as how everything was placed in both the magazine advert and the CD cover, and I think that they are both attractive partially because of the blur of the image but also because of the color scheme we used,

We originally were told that we needed more kissing scenes and the some of the shots were too long, so we went out and shot some more also reedited the music video to make sure it looked as professional as we could possible make it.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?

For the research and planning stage of our pop promo we used the internet a lot because it is kind of like and endless source of information and good for communication, we used goggle, Wikipedia, YouTube, and
We used a Canon scanner for out pre production sheets and all our work has been posted on

We shot our music video using Sony HVR-Z5E on a Libec Pedestal P110 tripod which gave us very high quality, and it was very professional. We also used a Panasonic HDC-SD700 camera on a Velbon tripod for the music video, we also used a Canon HDV camera, which was small and handy, we taped on to a guitar for the music vido but also had the vocalist hold it and sing into it..
We shot the CD cover and magazine advert photo with a Nikon D£100 SLR , which again was very professional and very good quality.
Our evaluation video was shot used a Kingston Card Camera, we used a Yoga- Super Cardioid Directional microphone and Ianiro Gulliver 30 lights we used for the music video, video evaluation and shooting of the still for magazine advert and CD cover.
We edited using Final Cut pro, which we already knew how to use from last year and got the opportunity to expand our knowledge of it.
Photoshop was used to produce the CD cover and magazine advert, it was difficult to us at first but it eventually became easier.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Band Feedback

Of course, those opinions who's matter most is our clients - the band HOUSE. If we were to make a music video as a real job and were getting paid for it, its the most important thing to make sure the client is happy with the final product because they are the ones on screen who will ultimatly want to make money off it, promote themselves and impress followers, fans or potential buyers.

My group and I were fairly nervous on the way to meeting our band, hoping they are happy with the work we have created - plus we havnt seem them since filming them a few months back! The whole band apart from the lead singer turned up to view our video, which was unfortunate because the singer was the main focus throughout. Our band, plus a few members of another band crowed round our sceen in excitement to see their very first music video, when the video ended the first thing I heard was 'Wow! that was really good, I'm really happy with that!' - Lead guitarist.
We then needed to get some feedback - hopefully with complete honesty, it was evident the band seemed genuine throughout the discussion, but we needed to bare in mind that the band did not have the same knowledge of media terms as we do

1. Are you happy with how you are portrayed?
"Yes, it was awesome! I honestly didn't think it would be like that - I really liked it." (Lead guitarist)
"Yeh I've never made a video before so that's really cool, we look like a proper band - Do you have this on Youtube? I wanna show people (laughs)" (Drummer)

2. What did you like best about it?
"Well I really liked the shot with the camera tied on the end of the guitar with the close up of my fingers playing it, it's such a cool shot - I've never seen that before! It looks like I'm actually playing it...but honestly, I liked all of it" - (Lead guitarist)
"Yeh I liked that shot, I also like how you have so many different shots - there was loads" (Guitarist)
"To be honest I cant even remember making that video (laughs) but yeh it's quite good isn't it!" (Alex - Guitarist)
"I like the shots of all the people kissing, the narrative bit. I didn't realise you were going to do it but it works well, it would of just been boring if it was us playing the whole time" (Drummer)
"Oh, and that end bit - where you zoom into my hand after the last strum of the guitar, that's pretty cool" - (Lead guitarist)
"I really wasn't expecting the quality of the cameras to be like that either" - (Guitarist)

3. Is there anything your unhappy with?
"Hmm I'm not sure really, I think there was too many close up shots of the singer James if im honest - there's too much of that" - (Lead Guitarist) (All agree)
"I'm not too keen on that hand held shot of James either really" - (Alex - Guitarist)
"I can't really think of anything, but as a musician, I could tell we wern't really playing live - you can tell I wasn't hitting the symbol" - (Drummer)
"Yeh I noticed that too - the same with the guitars that wern't plugged in. You notice these things and it didn't look proffessional. I guess thats not your fault though!" (Guitarist)

4. What do you think of the pace and rythm?
"Yeh it worked really well with the song, it was quite fast and there were loads of shots so there was so much to look at. How did you do that?" - (Guitarist)
"Well I wish we could have chose our own song because I'm sure we could make a better rythm! - but yeh, I like what you've done with it" - (Drummer)

5. What would you have done differently?
"I'm not sure really, I would probably use more props, make the set more interesting I rekon" - (Guitarist)
"Yeh I probably wouldn't want to do it in that same set, It would of been good to have a proper location" - (Alex - Guitarist)
What about outside?
"Yeh, yeh outside! that would have been good" - (Alex - Guitarist)
"Yeh outside would be good, but I suppose it would be hard to take all the equipment out wont it, plus it was winter!" (Lead guitarist)

6. Would you make a music video again?
"Yeh deffinatly! it was quite tedious at the time having to do it over and over - but now I've seen how it turns out, yeh!" (Lead guitarist)
"Yeh I would, it was fun - I feel like a proper musician now, I wish I could do more! (Alex - Guitarist)
"I wish we could do it again, I wasn't feeling well at all that day so I wish I could have put more energy into it" - (Drummer)

7. Would you hire us if you become famous and need a music video? (laughs)
"Haha, yeh I dont see why not - you done a good job!" - (Alex - Guitarist)

(written by Emily Stansfield)

Pop Promo

Individual Pop Promo Ideas

This was my individual idea for the album cover and magazine advert, the idea I had was to make interesting by making it Robotic.
We ended up not using it because it didn't fit in with the genre of our band very well and it didn't fit in with the music video and we wanted our pro promo to be coherent with they way in which our band wanted to be represented.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Audience Feedback

This presentation was put together by Emily Stanfield.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Pre Production